Which Kitchen Chimney Is Better: Manual Or Auto-Clean?

Do you find yourself always in the kitchen and in need of a kitchen chimney? Are you not sure which way to go between an auto-clean or a manual one? Question this no more! After looking into it extensively, there is a definite answer that will qualm your pondering.

Simply put, an auto-clean kitchen chimney is better than a manual one. Ultimately, the auto-clean option saves time, is more reliable, and will last longer with less maintenance. This does not mean no maintenance, but compared to a manual kitchen chimney, an auto-clean one is less work and better for the long run.

Ultimately, that is the simple, straightforward answer. So continue reading to learn more about why an auto-clean kitchen chimney is the best option. You’ll gain more reasons as to why this is the way to go. Also, you’ll learn how to safely maintain this type of kitchen chimney.

Let’s get to it. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the type of kitchen chimney you want to buy. When shopping for kitchen appliances, you should consider price, reliability, longevity, and functionality. The auto-clean chimney was the best option for homeowners after considering all these factors.

We’re sure that you are thinking that an automatic-cleaning kitchen chimney is more expensive than one manually cleaned. It would be correct. While an auto-clean chimney will be more extensive than a manual chimney, it will save you money in the long term. A manual chimney will require more maintenance over time. When it comes to maintenance, we’ll discuss that more below.

Although it might seem a bit more expensive at the beginning, you will be grateful when you have fewer problems over the years that need fixing. You might be curious about what problems can arise and how to avoid them with an auto-cleaning chimney. The name is important.

Maintenance requirements

It comes with an oil collector and an auto-cleaning kitchen chimney. This collects oil and prevents it from entering the chimney. The manual kitchen chimney does not have one of these filters so oil can get in the frame. If not properly cleaned, oil can damage the chimney.

This leads us to maintenance. An auto-clean chimney will take less time and save you time. This chimney has an oil collector and is equipped with an automatic cleaning button. To prevent any buildup, you should clean the oil collector. It is easy to remove. This should not be a problem as long as it is done regularly. With the proper care, your chimney will last a long time.

Manual kitchen chimneys require more attention. They don’t have an oil collector so you will need to clean the inside and frame. Let’s face it, you may not feel like cooking after dinner. Do you think you will remember to clean your chimney? You must clean the chimney regularly to avoid clogging. You’ll regret spending $500-$600 more on an auto-cleaning kitchen chimney.

The auto clean is more efficient, easier to maintain, and lasts longer. It does have a downside, if you want to call it that. You have to consider how much time and money you will save by choosing an auto-cleaning kitchen chimney.

Which Filter Is Best For A Kitchen Chimney?

There are three types of filters that can be used to clean kitchen chimneys.

  • Cassette/Mesh filter
  • Baffle Filter
  • Charcoal Filter

Each filter has its pros and cons, but the baffle filter is the best. It is the most cost-effective and requires the least maintenance. Baffle filters can be cleaned every three to four week while a cassette/mesh filter should be cleaned once per week. It doesn’t lose suction power if it accumulates oil or grease.

Club Factory

This filter is ultimately more costly. However, it will pay off over the long-term just like the chimney. The website provides a chart that shows how each one stacks up.

What should you look for when buying a kitchen chimney?

When buying a kitchen chimney, the most important things to consider are size, design/types of chimney, duct, suction force, and filter types. Although filters have been mentioned (read the above), the most important thing to look at is the design/type. You can check our article Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide.

The location of your stove will determine the type of chimney you get. There are three options: an island chimney, one that is mounted on a wall, and one that is built-in. The next thing to consider is the chimney’s size.

Next, we will discuss the size of kitchen chimneys. This section will help you determine which size is best for your needs. Continue reading to find out more about the importance of measuring size when shopping for a kitchen chimney.

How Do You Choose A Kitchen Chimney Size?

There are several factors that you should consider when determining the size and shape of your kitchen chimney. The size of your stove, how much space you have up top and the size of your kitchen all will affect the size of your kitchen chimney.

The rule of thumb is that the kitchen chimney should not be smaller than the stove. When shopping for a stove, it is important to know the dimensions of the stove. If you plan to install this stove in a pre-existing space, you will need to determine how much you can use. Another number you should keep track of is the height and width of the range.

This site provides more information on how to measure your chimney and calculate the dimensions.

A kitchen chimney is available in two sizes, 60cm or 90cm. If you have 65cm stove, the kitchen chimney should be 90cm. You want the chimney to be larger than the stove.

Does A Kitchen Chimney Reduce Heat?

Yes. A kitchen chimney’s main function is to heat. A kitchen chimney can also remove odors from the air. It may not feel like it is cooling heat on a hot day. It is, however, reducing heat on a scorching hot day.


With this information you can make an informed decision about the kitchen chimneys that you choose. This information will help you make the best choice for your kitchen chimney.

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